BAPA Awards

Who inspires you? A neighborhood pharmacist who donated medication to a family working through hard times?

A pharmacy school instructor who helped you master that topic you initially thought was impossible to comprehend?

An exemplary member of your region?

BAPA provides members with an excellent way to thank fellow PhA members—who are your colleagues, friends, mentors—who made a difference in your career. Each year at the Annual Meeting and Convention, PhA recognizes member-nominated award recipients for their recent contributions (within the last 2-3 years) and achievements, separate from their job description. Award nominations are due by June 15th each year. Any submissions received after June 15th will be considered the following year.

Few things are more gratifying than peer-recognition. Who will you nominate today?

The awards

Award Name Award Description Recipients

Donald J. Wernik Academic Achievement Award

Presented to an academician who has performed outstanding service for our profession and PhA.

2016 - Mary Bridgeman, PharmD, BCPS, CGP, FASCP

2017 - Mary Bridgeman, PharmD, BCPS, CGP, FASCP

Frederick B. Kilmer Award

Dr. Kilmer, a former PhA president, established the concept of research at J&J that became a standard for much of the pharmaceutical industry. He was a prodigious writer who valued articulate writing as a means of improving the pharmacy profession and the health of our citizenry.

2016 - Marcella Brown, BSPharm, MS, MPH, PharmD, CGP, BLSC, BCACP

2017 - Steve Zlotnick, PharmD, CCP

Rosario J. Mannino Award

This award honors President-Emeritus Rosario J. Mannino, and is given for meritorious service to the profession of pharmacy and the Pharmacists Association.

2016 - Louis Spinelli, RPh

2017 - Linda Gooen, PharmD, MS, CGP, CCP

How to nominate

Select the appropriate award from the list above, complete the online form below, and click SUBMIT. Several worthy candidates are nominated annually for each award, so please include relevent, recent information/activities, and as much supporting information as is appropriate.

  1. All fields must be completed legibly; incomplete nominations will not be considered. Upload supporting material to substantiate your nomination.
  2. Only nominations submitted on this form will be considered
  3. Only one nomination per form (to nominate the same person for multiple awards, you must complete multiple forms)


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